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During a trip in 2021 I watched the movie Cruella and immediately identified with her love of fashion. Her character in this movie portrays a strong, independent, and powerful woman. As I began my research, I also watched the original 1961 movie, 101 Dalmatians. My main source of references to get the silhouette and fabric selection was the coat Cruella is wearing in 101 Dalmatians (1961). I also discovered during my research that Cruella’s character was inspired by Tallulah Bankhead. She was an American actress. She was a powerful and confident woman just like Cruella.


The purpose of my thesis is to give confidence and self-esteem through my designs. I want my client to be unapologetic, meaning that they don’t regret wearing a fun and self-expressive outfit. Nowadays, many things that are happening such as bullying, unrealistic beauty standards and mental health issues can distort our self-esteem. Through my thesis, I want to encourage everyone to be unapologetic like Cruella and embrace who you are!

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